Water Heater Replacement

Ben contacted me about my Install. Communication was great and he was able to get it done the following day. Install was efficient and professional. Would recommend for future work

-Thomas G.
Water Heater Replacement Haydenville, MA

Sometimes when your water heater is either too old, or has major issues its best to go ahead and replace it.  A neglected water heater can cause flooding to your home and potentially dangerous situations!  If you notice any of the following traits with your water heater, consider hiring us for a water heater replacement in Haydenville, MA!

  • Your Hot Water Heater Tank is Leaking
  • Strange Noises Coming from Your Water Tank
  • Unappealing Smell throughout your Home or Business
  • Hot Water Runs Out Quickly When in Use
  • Murky/Rusty Water Coming from Sinks and Faucets

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Best Water Heater Replacement in Haydenville, MA

There are a lot of reasons to keep your water heater in top shape. The biggest one is the fact that your water heater is responsible for getting hot water into your home. Without a proper water heater installation in Haydenville, MA, though, you could be susceptible to a leaky connection or a dangerous situation.

Here at Water Heaters America, Inc., we know all about water heaters. We can take care of any water heater repairs you might need along the way, but eventually you’ll need to replace it. You might not even wait for it to fall apart, because a new water heater could have more efficiency with water usage or electricity.

Whatever the reason, if you need a water heater replacement in Haydenville, MA, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of different water heaters out there, with numerous manufacturers, types, and sizes. Our experts will be with you every step of the way to help you get the most out of your new water heater.

By updating your water heater, you could save money on your electric and water bill. Some models are even more efficient to help the environment. When we do a water heater installation in Haydenville, MA, you’ll have access to hot water whenever you need it. No more cold showers or half-done dishes.

If you want to upgrade your water heater or need to replace a broken one, don’t wait. Give us a call today at 413-485-4375 and schedule your free inspection and estimate! We can answer your questions and recommend the best products that will last.

Let Us Do Your Water Heater Replacement in Haydenville, MA

There are two main types of water heaters that you can get in your home. You can get a tankless water heater or a storage water heater.

The latter is more common, though tankless water heaters take up less space. They also heat water faster, because there’s no tank of water to heat.

However, there are pros and cons to each choice. Here’s why many homeowners choose to go with storage water heaters:

  1. Because of the basic design of storage water heaters, they don’t need many water heater repairs. If the tank does need to be fixed, maintenance costs less and parts are easy for us to find.
  2. While tankless water heaters are mounted to save space, they’re more expensive to install. That’s because you’re getting a water heater replacement in Haydenville, MA. Swapping out a new water heater for the old one takes less work.
  3. Storage water heater installation in Haydenville, MA is usually cheaper. Between that and low maintenance, it’s no wonder that storage water heaters are normally less expensive overall.

Since storage water heaters can last around 15 years and tankless water heaters can go 20 with maintenance, they’re both solid choices.

As far as maintenance goes, we can drain your tank every 6 months to maximize performance. We’ll also check the valves and hookups.

We’ll give you whatever water heater installation in Haydenville, MA that you want. Give us a call today at 413-485-4375 and schedule your free inspection!

Types of Water Heater Installation in Haydenville, MA

Our expert inspections are thorough and so are our repairs. Tankless and storage water heaters are different, but we’ll check the pressure relief valve on both.

There are a lot of decisions and options when you’re looking for a water heater replacement in Haydenville, MA. We’ll help you pick the best products for your situation.

The first major choice to make is what type of water heater you want. No matter what type of water heater you go with, they all function with natural gas or electricity.

Newer water heaters can use solar power to heat the water. Keep in mind that natural gas needs a gas line installation, which we can help with.

We’ve also worked with water heaters that have an electric compression system. This draws heat from the air around it, so you’ve got options.


Other factors to consider when installing a water heater

We mentioned natural gas, because the energy source for your water heater will depend on location and your home. Some other things to consider are:

  1. For your water heater replacement, you might want to upgrade. Advanced water heaters can save you as much as half your energy use every year. Electric water heaters tend to be more efficient, but gas water heaters can use less power and last longer.
  2. How much space do you have in your home? Tankless water heaters get mounted and take up less space, but they’re more expensive. Storage water heaters are more common, but they also need room for a tank that holds 40 or even 80 gallons of water. One thing to think about is that you can get multiple tankless water heaters if you’ve got a larger home or family.
  3. What’s your budget look like? We understand that water heaters can be expensive. With a more-efficient model, you can spend less. Electric water heaters, for example, cost almost double that of a gas water heater every year. You can also save on your water and electric bill, depending on the type.

There’s more to consider, but you get the idea. Call Water Heaters America, Inc. today at 413-485-4375 and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you!