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The Best Water Heater Replacement in Springfield, MA

Your appliances can wear out over time and your water heater is no exception. We can handle any water heater repairs you need, but eventually you’ll need a new one. There are a lot of ways to tell that your water heater is worn out. While we can catch these problems during a routine inspection, here are a few tell-tale signs: 

  1. Your water is discolored or murky
  2. A strange odor comes from your water
  3. You hear banging inside the water heater
  4. You notice pooling water around the unit
  5. Hot water cuts out or the water doesn’t get hot

There are more things that can go wrong, but those are the easiest to spot. If you need any of our services, call 413-485-4375 today for your free estimate!

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Effective Water Heater Replacement in Springfield, MA

Water heaters have advanced with technology. While you can get an updated storage water heater, you might also want a tankless water heater.

You probably have a storage water heater already. These heat up a tank of water that’s between 30- and 80-gallons. That’s why they take up more space than tankless ones.

Tankless water heaters can maximize your space and tend to be more efficient with water usage. Here are some of the biggest differences:

  1. More people use storage water heaters, so parts are readily available. Because of that, parts are usually cheaper.
  2. Tankless water heaters can need more repairs. With the installation cost being higher, because it’s a whole new system, they’re more expensive.
  3. You’ll save room by going tankless. They’re also smaller and can be mounted, though modern storage water heaters don’t take up as much space.

Tankless water heaters can last around 20 years to the 15 years of storage water heaters. To make them last as long as possible requires professional maintenance.

Water Heaters America, Inc. has a team that knows all about them. To get the most out of your storage water heater, it should be emptied twice a year. 

We’ll also check the safety valve and the hookups. You can save with a new water heater, because they’re more efficient, so call 413-485-4375 now for a free estimate!

Top Water Heater Replacement in Springfield, MA

We mentioned the pressure relief valve because it’s a matter of safety. The valves on your water heater keep the temperature regulated, so it doesn’t get too hot.

That’s one area of focus during our inspection. We can also answer any questions you have between storage and tankless water heater replacement in Springfield, MA.

They both run on natural gas, propane, or electricity. Some newer models can even use solar power or pull heat from air. We’ll also consider your needs to recommend a unit.

Larger homes and families tend to use more water, so you’ll need a larger tank. If you want tankless, you can also use more than one water heater.

You shouldn’t have to wait for hot water. If you want a gas-powered unit, we can even do the gas line installation! Call us today at 413-485-4375 and schedule your free estimate!


Water Heater Replacement in Springfield, MA You Can Trust

Your water heater can get old and worn down over years of use. When that happens, it can start to need more repairs or lose efficiency with hot water. Updating or upgrading your water heater can give you access to better electricity and water use. That’s one big reason a lot of people get tankless water heaters.

However, they’re still less common than storage water heaters. If you have a big family or share a home with more people, though, you might have an 80-gallon tank. That can take up a lot of room compared to 1 or 2 tankless water heaters. Electric- and gas-powered water heaters can also have different pros and cons.

Gas water heaters usually last longer with less wear. They also use significantly less electricity, because the electric water heaters consume a lot of power. Either way, we’ll recommend a water heater that will give you the most. We’ll also work with your budget, so call us today at 413-485-4375 and schedule your free estimate!