Water Heater Replacement Westfield, MA

Ben contacted me about my Install. Communication was great and he was able to get it done the following day. Install was efficient and professional. Would recommend for future work

-Thomas G.
Looking for Water Heater Replacement in Westfield, MA?

When it comes to appliances, your water heater is one of the most useful. It’s responsible for all of the hot water in your home or business. Whether you cook every night or do dishes, your water heater goes through a lot. We offer water heater repair or replacement, but watch for these signs:

  1. Discoloration in your tap water
  2. Pooling water near the base of your unit
  3. Your water smells bad
  4. Water takes too long to heat up or cuts out
  5. The water heater makes weird sounds

We’ll keep it running as long as possible, but you’ll eventually need a new water heater. Call us today at 413-485-4375 to schedule an estimate!

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Quality Water Heater Replacement in Westfield, MA

As time goes by, your water heater can start to wear out. If it loses efficiency, you could end up paying more for bills and frequent water heater repair.

Another common reason for water heater replacement in Westfield, MA is upgrading. New technology can offer better energy use or improved designs.

In fact, a popular upgrade is tankless water heater installation. They take up less space and use your electricity and water more efficiently.

With our services, your storage water heater could be useful for 15 years while tankless types can go 20. Here are some other main differences between the two:

  1. You’ll pay less for parts and repairs on storage water heaters.
  2. Tankless water heaters have no tank, so they’re smaller. We can mount them on a wall or ceiling to save even more room.
  3. More efficiency with your tankless installation can mean lower bills.

Water Heaters America, Inc knows the best manufacturers. We’ll work with your budget to get you a quality water heater.

We’ve also got experience with homes and businesses. For the best results, we suggest maintenance twice a year, so call us today at 413-485-4375 to get started!

Experienced Water Heater Replacement in Westfield, MA

There are a lot of reasons to upgrade or replace your water heater. However, since it’s an expensive appliance, we like to put that off as long as possible. 

Routine maintenance allows us to take care of your water heater repair. Our experts know to check your pressure relief valve, because it can go bad. 

Since this protects you from water getting too hot, it’s important for safety. Another part of our process is flushing your water tank.

If you haven’t had a tankless water heater installation, your tank is susceptible to any sediments. Flushing twice a year can protect your water tank and increase efficiency.

We can also handle your gas line installation if you opt for a gas-powered water heater. There’s also electric if you want, so call 413-485-4375 today for an estimate!


Water Heater Replacement in Westfield, MA When You Need it

If you’ve had your water heater for 10 years, it’s considered old. That’s why we offer water heater repair, because we can help extend its lifespan. While a new water heater can be expensive, you can count on Water Heaters America, Inc to help. Our team knows the best replacement units available for your needs.

Different storage and tankless water heater installation can be better for your situation. Bigger homes and families might be better off with a larger water tank or multiple tankless water heaters. Conventional types can have an 80-gallon water tank, but you could also save with the efficiency of a tankless version. 

You’ll also have options with how your water heater is powered. Gas-powered units tend to have better longevity and fewer repairs, with no electricity costs. However, electric water heaters are more efficient with water and heat. Either way, our team of experts can help when you call us today at 413-485-4375 for an inspection!