Water Heater Repair Holyoke, MA

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Quick Water Heater Repair in Holyoke, MA

Your water heater handles all of the hot water on your property. All of that use, though, can add up to wear and tear over the years. Between laundry, dishes, and baths, it can start to lose efficiency. Watch for common signs that it needs repair, like:

  1. Odd color to the water
  2. Heat cuts out of your water during use
  3. Particles in the water
  4. Water gathers around your water heater
  5. The unit makes strange noises
  6. It takes a long time for water to heat up

You might notice these or something else. Either way, it’s good to have maintenance done from time to time. When you want a professional, give us a call today at 413-485-4375 and schedule an inspection!

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Experienced Water Heater REpair in Holyoke, MA

Whether you’re a home or business owner, water heaters have a lot of uses. Anytime hot water is needed, like for a shower or cooking, your water heater gets used. The good news is that water heaters can be good for 15 years. However, your unit might not remain efficient for that entire time and need fixed up.

After 10 years, most people start considering a water heater replacement. It could be worn down or you might want to upgrade. Still, our team of experts will do our best to extend your unit’s lifespan with water heater repair in Holyoke, MA. One of the biggest reasons for water heater damage is an area with a hard water supply.

Hard water has more calcium, which can harden into sediments in your water tank. These calcium formations can tear up the unit and wear down parts from the inside. We recommend having your tank flushed out twice a year for the best results. To get started with routine maintenance or an inspection, call 413-485-4375 today and let us know! 

We Do Water Heater REpair in Holyoke, MA

Water heaters are especially susceptible to hard water. That’s not the only cause for repairs or water heater replacement, though.

A cracked water line can let dirt in, or your unit could grow old. Here are some of the usual reasons that customers contact us:

  1. A safety valve on your water heater prevents water from scalding you. Any problem with that valve could result in the water getting too hot.
  2. Routine maintenance can protect the tank and keep things running. Since water heaters can be very expensive, you should hire a pro.
  3. Calcium sediments in your water tank can cause a lot of damages. They can also stain laundry and leave a weird film on glassware. It’s always a good idea to let us flush your tank once or twice a year.

We’ve got the experience you need for any repairs or replacements. Call 413-485-4375 now and schedule your inspection and estimate!

Emergency Water Heater REpair in Holyoke, MA

When you want the experts, you’ve come to the right place with Water Heaters America, Inc. There are a lot of benefits to our repairs, so here are some of the best ones:

  1. We’ve got experience with the top brands in the business. Because of that, we know quality products to recommend for any budget. We know water heaters can be expensive, so you deserve to know you’re getting the best.
  2. With routine maintenance, we can put off water heater replacement. Minor issues can get worse if left unchecked, so you should contact us if you notice any of the problems mentioned earlier.
  3. The longer it takes for water to get hot, the more money you’re wasting on electricity and water bills. Repairs can improve efficiency, or you could upgrade with a tankless water heater installation.

You could save with professional repairs on your water heater. To get started with an inspection, dial 413-485-4375 today and let us know how we can help you!